ADIB Union Day 52

ADIB 52 UAE National Day Film – Behind the Scenes This project was a rollercoaster of challenges and triumphs!  The Copy Shop dropped the script bomb on a Friday, and we sprinted into action over the weekend, crafting the storyline and pitching concepts to the client on Tuesday. With only 10 days for pre-production, filming in two cities, and post-production, the pressure was on! Location approvals? We got them just a day before the shoot! Cast and wardrobe decisions happened in a whirlwind, and editing was done on the spot while filming.

Meet the incredible team that made it happen:
Director: Ahmed Adel Noor
Producer: Alaa AlAkawi
DP: Andrey QVal
AD: Amr
Art: Charbel – Bits and Pieces
Wardrobe: Rima
Makeup: Priyanka
Location Manager: Mohamad
Rental House: QVal and HighEnd

The result? A film that impressed both us and the client! Privileged to have turned this whirlwind into a cinematic masterpiece.