EMIRATES Airlines: Empact Program video

Despite being an old video, but it was so much fun producing this film for Emirates Empact.

Because we were filming in the airport and in transit, we were faced with so many challenges and restrictions. However, we rose up to the challenge and eventually managed to produce a nice film which was well received by our client Emirates.

In this video content production, we had a challenge to take a video in first person view. Therefore, we decided to get the right equipment to attach the main camera to a helmet worn by the main character of the corporate video. Boy, did he complain about his neck in post production. However, the result was a lot of fun and interesting takes as you can see in the video posted.

We also had the camera connected to a monitor away from set. Therefore, the director could easily direct the cast on which pathways to take and what to do by simply looking at and directing the frame.

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Directed by Alaa Akawi
Creative, content production and post by Artology Creative.