Frico Interactive 3D Animation

When our agency partners require our assistance we provide it all the way. Regardless of the tight budget! And the Frico 3d animation project was an example of that.

These individual animations were part of an interactive experience. The audience had to walk into a small room filled with screens. At the start, just before entering, they were asked to place a red ball into the start hole then walk in to see the magic happen.

Each screen takes you through a different step of making the cheese. At the end, as you see the sandwich is being made in front of you on the screen, the actual sandwich will be presented to you outside the showroom!

This is one interactive project that we had the honour to be a part of thankfully. We could see the viewer’s experience first hand and see how they would react. Being a part of this experience was ecstatic.

If this video makes your mouth water for some cheese, please click here to see their website!

What an experience.

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Behind the scene