Mashreq Snapp

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Mashreq Snapp – Snapp How to transfer money

The Mashreq Snapp video is a simple video explaining how to use the app.

How to videos are very important, and we understand that.

As much as they need to be creative, they must be clear and easy to follow.

Here is a series of How-To videos we produced for Mashreq Bank.

Snapp How to transfer money. Follow these simple steps and transfer money to other accounts using Snapp.

This is one of 8 video series.

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Mashreq Snapp – Cardless Cash Withdrawal

Forgot your wallet? Follow these steps to withdraw cash using Cardless Cash withdrawal using Snapp:

– Select the Snapp app on your phone and log into your account.
– From the menu options, select ‘Cardless Cash Withdrawal’.
– Enter the desired amount in the designated field.
– Select Confirm and you will receive an Authorization code on your Registered mobile number (Note: Code is only valid for 24 hours) and accessed on any Mashreq ATM.
– To withdraw, visit your nearest Mashreq ATM, select your preferred language and then click on ‘Cardless Cash’.
– Enter the Authorisation code followed by the requested amount to withdraw the amount

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Mashreq Snapp – How to add a beneficiary

Here’s how you can add a Beneficiary to your Mashreq Online account:

– Visit and Log in.
– Select ‘Manage Beneficiary’ on the top right to create a new Beneficiary select the Account Type first by clicking on ‘Transaction Type’ menu and click ‘Add Beneficiary’.
– Enter Beneficiary details and click on ‘Add’ and click on the ‘Activate’ button.
– You will receive an Activation Code SMS on your registered mobile number with Mashreq.
– Enter the Activation Code in the Transaction Password.
– Review the details and press ‘Activate’ to complete the process.

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