Sharjah Finance Department Corporate Film

Sharjah Finance Department Corporate Film

Sharjah Finance Department Corporate Film Dive into the Story of Sharjah Finance Department! Creating the corporate film was like crafting a storybook for Sharjah Finance. We wanted to share the facts in a way that felt like a story. So, we worked hard on a script that used beautiful words to tell the journey […]

Sharjah Asset Management Corporate Promo

Sharjah Asset Management

Sharjah Asset Management corporate promo Elevating Sharjah with SAM! SAM “Sharjah Asset Management” entrusted us to craft a dynamic corporate promo showcasing their transformative projects. From high-end ventures to community impact, our solution soared from the sky to ground, capturing the essence of Sharjah’s betterment.A thrilling project that beautifully melded scale and impact!

Beeah & Masdar – Emirates Waste to Energy

Beeah & Masdar – Emirates Waste to Energy Beeah’s Environmental Odyssey! Partnering with Masdar, Beeah pioneers sustainability in Sharjah with the Waste to Energy Plant. Witnessing and filming Beeah’s environmental strides is truly awe-inspiring. A pleasure to contribute to this journey. From a production standpoint, we crafted an artistic portrayal, mattpainting the desert canvas […]

Beeah Facilities Tour Film

Beeah Facilities Tour Film

Beeah Facilities Tour Film Explore Beeah Waste Facilities from Anywhere! Located on the outskirts of Sharjah, it’s challenging to get high-ranking officials for on-site visits due to the nature of the business. Commissioned with a unique challenge, we crafted a visual tour film, bringing Beeah’s values to life.This solution allows audiences unable to visit […]

Tradewind Finance Corporate animated film

Tradewind Finance Corporate animated film

Tradewind Finance Corporate animated film – This explainer corporate video is your passport to understanding how Tradewind turn financial challenges into victories for small to medium-sized businesses. No banking jargon—just clear, custom-made solutions designed to simplify your journey. See how we break down the benefits in a way that’s as easy as 1-2-3. Say […]

DAC Corporate Animated Video

DAC Corporate Promo The DAC Corporate Promo project was a huge step up for Dubai Chamber and us as a studio, we got to experiment with amazing visuals, vibrant colours, and oh man what an animation did we created! Everyone in the studio was very excited about this project. We planned it correctly and each talent […]

EMIRATES Airlines: Empact Program Video

EMIRATES Airlines: Empact Program video Despite being an old video, but it was so much fun producing this film for Emirates Empact. Because we were filming in the airport and in transit, we were faced with so many challenges and restrictions. However, we rose up to the challenge and eventually managed to produce a […]

Beeah HQ Zaha Hadid Film

Beeah Headquarters – Zaha Hadid Film From creating a new legacy in sustainable architecture to raising the benchmark for smart offices, the BEEAH Headquarters is a testament to what can happen when visionary thinking, innovation, and global expertise come together. Join us in watching an exclusive film on the headquarters to know more about the […]

DTC Film Dubai Taxi Corporation

Dubai taxi corporation corporate film With the right approach and understanding the client, we have won this pitch and were awarded to the project of producing the DTC film. It was quiet the learning experience working on this film as we learnt a lot about the efforts DTC places to ensure a seamless and […]

Beeah Corporate Film

Beeah Corporate film – Directors cut The challenge in the Beeah Corporate film was to tell the story of Bee’ah who was always perceived as a garbage company into a company that looks after the well-being of human in general. Taking care of the land, water and air! We realized no one paid attention […]