our TEAM

Alaa AlAkawi
Founder, In-House Director/Producer, ECDLinkedIn

The Boss man. It’s true he embraces laughter and is a joker, however Alaa ensures creativity and perfection to each job. When it comes to operational or creative problem solving, this man can make wonders.

Head of Operations, Production Director, Client Lead LinkedIn

The suitless suit. Although it’s been a few years since he got out of his suit. Samer just can’t seem to shake off his passion for building lasting relationships! He’s a serial networker and the partner any client wishes to have on their side.

Ash Abdollahi
Account Manager,
Line Producer LinkedIn

Meet Ash, our Account Maestro, turning challenges into opportunities with creative brilliance, composing unforgettable client experiences. With him, every collaboration becomes a masterpiece.

Niko Garcia
Senior Editor,
Motion Designer LinkedIn

Meet Niko, our Creative team’s technical virtuoso. Challenges are personal invitations for him to showcase his prowess, infusing Colombian storytelling magic into every project with a unique 3D perspective.

Juan Orduz Rodriguez
Editor, Motion Designer LinkedIn

Meet Juan, our Flux maestro, breathing life into projects and redefining design boundaries with creative genius. Everything he touches comes to life, dancing to the rhythm of his creative genius.

Editor, Motion Designer LinkedIn

Manuel is the living embodiment of creativity, where ideas often transcend dimensions. Every idea from Manu has the power to redefine our perception of reality.

Editor, Motion Designer LinkedIn

Meet Darren! Operating at the speed of light, he crafts digital brilliance with lightning-fast keystrokes. Dive into the tech-savvy realm with Darren, where every project becomes a symphony on his digital canvas.

Administrator LinkedIn
Meet Romy, our Admin Master, orchestrating seamless operations with meticulous precision. Her commitment to order and welcoming demeanor makes her the heartbeat of our office.